IoT Smart Home Devices

IoT Smart Home Devices

IoT Smart Home Devices

Today the Internet of things (IoT) devices is connecting the world far and wide. These devices are now fast becoming a necessity and are found not only in offices but homes as well. The fact is if you have excellent internet access then smart devices are the next big step in connecting everything and allowing you to control them. People are accepting that intelligent devices are essential and are implementing them in their daily lives starting from their homes. Smart homes are being adopted at a faster rate which is fitted with connected products and are loaded with possibilities to make the lives of humans more comfortable, more desirable, and more at ease.

Imagine a warm summer evening when you are driving back home sweaty. Although the car ac cools you down, you know that at home the ac will take 15-20 minutes to cool the room. But rather than turning on the ac when you reach home you use your car’s display unit to tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature. When you are home, the temperature is cooler, and you did not have to have to go through the process of waiting.

According to Business Insider’s research unit, the number of smart home devices being bought is expected to reach 193 million in 2020 when compared to 83 million in 2015. This number includes all smart appliances consisting of ac, refrigerators, washers, dryers, heat, and sound alongside smart home safety and security systems like sensors, display units, CCTV cameras, and alarm systems. There are also products which are their to conserve electricity like smart home energy equipments including smart thermostats and smart lighting.

The most important and understandable advantage of smart homes is the ease of living. There are more connected devices that can handle tasks like controlling lights according to your mood or making the temperature adjustable to your body which in turn frees up the resident to perform other tasks. However there are more advantages than just being hands-free, it is pertinent to mention that smart home IoT devices can help lower costs and conserve energy. Several of such robust energy saving devices has already been adopted by numerous people worldwide to make their homes smarter than they already are.

The most prominent and recognized device in the IoT space has to be Amazon Echo, which has garnered a fan following all over the world. The device functions as a central control unit for all the other smart home gadgets, and its voice-activated assistant, Alexa, offers expediency that few other products can provide or can comprehend. Amazon also provides two sister products, the Tap, and the Dot, however, Alexa has become omnipresent in every smart house.

Next in line is Nest, one of the more famous IoT enabled smart home device manufacturers, who have shaped a Learning Thermostat that can without human intervention adjust the temperature based on a location and all this can be done by using a far-field sensor to determine the time and heat from a distance. And now it has been teamed up with Alexa offering the best in IoT for those who want to build brilliant homes.

The presence of August Smart Lock which is IoT enable offers amplified security system for the house, is easy to install, and works with Siri through the Apple HomeKit. And for illumination, there are smart bulbs which can change colors according to moods and ambiance of the people or environment. These bulbs and lights can also use sensor and dim themselves if they can sense that there is no activity in the room to conserve electricity.

With the rapid adoption of smart devices the IoT products are being developed at an unprecedented rate, and with enhanced technology, manufacturers are trying to lower the prices of these devices. The next step in the human evolution concerning IoT is turning cities into smart places to live.