Arm: Empowering IoT Innovation

Simon Segars
Simon Segars, CEO


“Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate.”

The IoT brings all kinds of connected devices unitedly into a global network of scattered intelligence that opens up a new world of discovery and creativity. Several organizations are already reaping significant benefits by controlling the data created by large-scale IoT deployments to pursue new possibilities and improve operations. In the coming decades, billions of intelligent IoT devices will present the building blocks for a distinct services-driven, data-powered global economy. Today, Arm solutions are now at the foundation of this evolution, enabling businesses to bring high-quality, secure IoT devices to market swiftly and cost-effectively.

Arm’s robust continuum of IoT solutions advances proven and secure hardware, software, and services designed to assist organizations reap the full benefits of changing their business models through IoT. Arm technology is at the center of a computing and connectivity revolution that is changing the way people exist, and businesses operate. Their advanced, energy-efficient processor designs have allowed intelligent computing in higher than 150 billion chips, and their technologies now securely power goods from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer.

Simon Segars, CEO of Arm, is one of its primary employees and has driven technical and business innovations to assist transform the company into the preeminent architect of the most pervasive compute technology the world has ever witnessed. Simon led the development of pioneering ground-breaking Arm processors – the Arm7 and Arm9 – powering the world’s primary digital mobile phones. He played a crucial role in developing industry criteria, and his engineering work led to him being granted different embedded-systems patents. Together with 1,000+ technology partners, Arm is at the vanguard of designing, securing, and managing all fields of computing from the chip to the cloud.

The Pelion IoT Platform

The Pelion IoT Platform is a reliable and flexible foundation of IoT services for connectivity, machine, and data management. It abstracts away IoT complexity so that users can leverage IoT data to drive competitive resources.

The Pelion data platform solves these challenges with a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation of device, connectivity, and data management services. The Pelion platform includes versatility in design, deployment, and connectivity with assistance for many types of devices, networks, data, and deployment decisions. Security for device, connectivity, and data-enabled by secure device path and updates, secure protocols for connectivity, and data encryption, the comfort of operationalizing IoT for business with the ability to receive trusted devices from silicon partners, update those machines remotely and accelerate global deployment on a particular cost-effective connectivity contract across multiple regions. With the Pelion IoT Platform, clients can focus on creating value for their organization.

Services in the platform approach the specific foundational aspects of IoT, namely connecting IoT devices beyond global deployments, maintaining those devices remotely, and leveraging IoT data for business use. The platform is backed by a vibrant device ecosystem, the Mbed OS operating system purpose-built for IoT, and an increasing application ecosystem. Pelion discusses a wide range of use cases, including Asset Tracking for Logistics. Global supply chains need tracking of goods that are exported internationally. As trucks travel from one country to another, tracking mechanisms must connect to multiple networks with different operator contracts growing complexity and overhead costs. A single deal with prenegotiated prices offers cost savings and convenience. Further, the IoT data from pursuing both perishable and non-perishable assets support real-time decision making.

IoT Security is Essential

Securing the IoT is one of the important barriers to IoT reaching its full potential. To truly protect the billions of devices accessing the field, security needs to be estimated at the very beginning of device design—built in from the ground up and completely the full lifecycle of the device. As the IoT starts to solidify real-world problems, the value of assets inside IoT devices will only progress, making them prime targets for hackers. Arm makes it simple for developers to design IoT devices thanks to the Arm Platform Security Architecture, which strives to demystify security, matched with their range of security IP and technology.

Arm presents a layered approach to IoT security, which means implementing solutions, methods, and measures designed to protect systems, networks, and data from a range of charges and a broad area of vulnerabilities. The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is an architecture-agnostic framework for ensuring the next trillion connected devices, from the endpoint to the cloud. PSA presents a framework for navigating this unique landscape, simplifying security for industries deploying or providing digital transformation. It has three key benefits Confidence in association with regulatory frameworks, Accelerated development of reliable solutions, and PSA Certified: consistent language and implementation for distinctive levels of security.

For Arm, allowing a world of a trillion connected devices requires more than designing the industry’s most effective and secure chips. They must make it manageable for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be securely developed, extended, and managed throughout their lifecycle. Companies need a solid ground today to build on for tomorrow. After years of developing a strong software platform for IoT, and with more than 130 billion Arm-powered chips sent by partners, Arm understands what it takes to make IoT safe and scalable.”