Increased Visibility through IoT

John Goetz, Global Product Manager



“Part of PSG, a Dover Company, Hydro Systems ensures dosing is always accurate, safe and cost effective, helping customers clean with confidence.”

Hydro Connect is a game-changing IoT solution for large chemical companies that supply chemicals and dispensing equipment to their end customers. Hydro Connect helps these chemical companies empower their end users to streamline their operations, enhance their equipment monitoring so chemical doses are accurately delivered, and provide deep data analysis to enable proactive maintenance. Hydro Systems’ secure IoT platform, Hydro Connect helps customers overcome a variety of challenges in their operations including safety, profitability, productivity and brand reputation. With a real-time dashboard, chemical providers and end users can easily see what’s happening in their facility as a means to drive continuous improvement.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and with offices and support teams around the globe, Hydro Systems is a world leader in delivering chemical dispensing and dosing solutions including equipment, software and services. With strategic partnerships, innovative solutions and more than 50 years of experience, Hydro Systems is committed to enriching the lives of its customers by creating a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Its products serve numerous dosing and dispensing applications within commercial cleaning, laundry, warewash, food service, industrial, irrigation, horticulture, animal health, and other industries.  Part of PSG, a Dover Company, Hydro Systems ensures dosing is always accurate, safe and cost effective, helping customers clean with confidence.

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Hydro Connect from Hydro Systems was first introduced for industrial and on-premise laundries.  It features a Real-Time Module and dashboard that helps laundries view exactly what is happening in each washer as it occurs.  This allows chemical companies and end users to quickly address any abnormal conditions that waste money, such as running out of detergent, dosing errors, laundry staff issues, or when KPI’s fall below a set threshold. Hydro Connect can also help industrial laundries harness, analyze, and use data to cut back on wasted product, emergency maintenance calls, and expensive repairs. The visuals and reports created by the system organize the data in a user-friendly format that reduces the need to spend time analyzing trends to make management decisions. By doing these things, Hydro Connect gives laundry operators, using chemical dispensers, increased visibility into their operations, helps them reduce costs by being proactive versus reactive, and provides actionable data to keep the business running smoothly. Finally, it helps the companies maintain environmental and regulatory compliance.

The solution works optimally with Dositec Central Dosing Systems, provided by Hydro. Dositec Central Dosing Systems are designed to optimize chemical dispensing to large tunnel washers or multiple washer extractors. Data transmits from these units to the Hydro Connect system using a cellular modem and a monthly data package. Hydro Connect empowers these chemical service providers to deliver an all-in-one solution to their laundry customers, helping them save time, money, and maintenance issues. The Hydro Connect IoT technology can provide reports on 9 alarm conditions, productivity metrics (loads and pounds/kg washed), metered chemical usage, and cost data. These tools in turn allow Hydro Connect customers to digitally transform their operations, with enhanced visibility into their operation to cut costs, reduce rewash, and deliver consistent, reliable results.

Looking ahead, Hydro, aims to further enhance connectivity, add value to their applications and provide industrial and on-premise laundries with the data and resources they need to optimize cleaning results.  Hydro Systems is also currently focusing on growing its IoT solutions into the commercial kitchen and general facility cleaning industries.