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liubomyr pohreliuk
Liubomyr Pohreliuk,CEO


inoxoft“The company has wide experience in the Web, Cloud, and Mobile software solutions, and are known to be 90+ experts driven by the desire to add value to client’s idea”

Inoxoft is an IT outsourcing company established in Lviv, Ukraine, and partners with small and midsize companies. The company has extensive experience in the Cloud, Web, and Mobile software solutions, and are known to be 90+ experts driven by the passion for adding value to client’s idea and making the best products on the IT-market.

As per the company’s website, they propose the following example to understand their work in a specific practice. A smart house is a perfect illustration of an Internet of Things as it functions thanks to the major elements – the smart objects in the sensors, system, and gadgets, and the IoT platform – each following its purpose. Imagine that it is a cold winter evening, and the user is about to leave the office premise. He is  used to the comfort, and the smart house is to be imputed.

Who will constrain the Internet of Things? The user will. The prime thing user does is take their mobile phone and see the current temperature at home, and he sees that it’s +15 degrees, so he registers +19 degrees on the program context. Finally, he returns to a well-heated house.

If we take a look on the flip side of the process to understand what is IoT advancement all about from the technical point of view. As the user drives an application, they see the current temperature in their house thanks to the temperature sensors that can interact with an IoT platform and, ultimately, with the mobile phone. Next, as the user adjusts the temperature, the sensors send the signal to the central heating and give a request to increase the temperature.

The IoT is realized via two simultaneous processes: the communication among the gadgets that store statistics and the human communication with them. The IoT system parts differ a lot. Depending on the prime functionality of the smart object, it can be provided with an accelerometer, camera, GSM, Bluetooth, GPS, altitude, NFS, speakers, gyroscope, humidity sensors, an onboard computer, and many other assisting technologies.

Imagine that a user employs the IoT to resolve the traffic issue, they will need to create a system of systems that would accommodate the traffic lights and cameras that would notify the critical infrastructures such as the schools and airports about the traffic troubles. The purpose of software development in the IoT is more than important. The IT specialists provide to the comfort of the IoT experience with the complete and easy-to-use mobile and web purposes. The IoT for mobile and web has already displayed excellent results as they can see the rising number of specialized applications for the healthcare and logistics management.

Real-time data analysis is the most important tool in the hands of any business. The fast speed of the fashion revolution and trend change, in general, require a quick response of the companies, and this is where the real-time trend tracking becomes handy. With a fresh pack of trends, clients can easily restore the standard processes and increase revenue. Just let an efficient IoT solution bring about important changes to their business.

As one can understand, IoT development will significantly influence people’s lives. There will be more limited room for domestic problems, which means that more time can be faithful to family, creativity, and hobbies. The devices connected to the Internet will also provide people more possibilities for rational resource management. Already today, they help to optimally spend heat, water, light, and save on payment for utilities. With Inoxoft one can get the most reliable outsource consult if they want to order software for the network of the smart objects. The company’s skilled specialists have the fundamental knowledge to write an application for customers.