End-to-End IoT Solutions

bernardo barra
Bernardo Barra, CEO

vates“At Vates, their IoT development experience has proven that knowing the science isn’t enough. The methodology is key.”

The IoT market will expand to about $520 billion in 2021, more than double its size in 2017, as per the Bain & Company. Companies that utiliae Vates’ end-to-end IoT solutions profit from experienced IoT engineers that fully appreciate systems integration and great user experiences. The company works hand-in-hand with customer’s dedicated project manager and Vates’ engineers to create multi-platform, fully integrated IoT apps for the customers using state-of-the-art integrated architectures, MVP development, and thorough testing services. The Vates lab environment helps customer’s companies avoid costly hardware component selection and interoperability mistakes early and throughout their project. Knowing about hardware is crucial, and Vates goes beyond IoT development to full systems integrators with end-to-end project management.

Experience in IoT software development often is not sufficient to give successful products. One needs to be able to design the right product without costly mistakes that affect their go-to-market readiness, profitability, and reputation. Adding Vates’ IoT systems integrator engineers is key to an organization’s success.

Vates’ systems integrators are agile in working with legacy systems and combining them with end-to-end solutions.

Their enhanced knowledge of the IoT landscape and top performers in the market empowers their decision-making process and produces a superior result of a custom IoT project.

The company’s IoT engineering firm advances the abilities of global names and entrepreneurs to accomplish by producing the right IoT solutions.

Most IoT projects need a diverse range of engineers. Vates’ teams include engineers with experience and passion in big data and real-time analytics, computer vision, software architecture, and much more. Their experienced engineers accelerate customer’s product’s go-to-market delivery or solve their particular problems with the right skillset. Vates’ experience with IoT tools from developing commercial IoT solutions to Industrial IoT (IIoT) products. The company goes beyond just being IoT developers offering complete, inter-operative systems-integrator solutions. The Vates team is an organization’s partner as the company embarks on its digital transformation projects. Vates skilled developers provide solutions for an organization’s smallest project component to full turn-key solutions.

At Vates, their IoT development experience has proven that knowing the science isn’t enough. The methodology is key. Their rapid prototyping lab is the driver for their amazingly big customer satisfaction rate. Fewer shocks and lower costs produce happy customers. Vates designs and builds innovative IoT solutions using their proprietary Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP) methodology. The repeatable process supports speedy deadlines as they develop and offer the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to boost the gathering of feedback and validation of product functionality. This enables customers to determine when to pivot and when to proceed with additional investment. The methodology produces early detection of design defects and invalid assumptions that affect technical, operational, and economic expediency. Bottom line: Using VRP in device development saves clients business time and money and creates delighted customers and raving fans for the products.

Vates loT services connect business with the physical world. They make the industry smarter and agile using big data, cloud, and machine learning technology. They offer connected assets through which an organization will know where and how their business assets are being used, alongside related operations to improve operations by accumulating data and analyzing it through advanced analytic technology to gather insights and develop predictability. Vates technology also offers a connected supply chain by through data gathered by IoT devices, and providing complete visibility of products, all the way from the manufacturer to retailer.