Fine-Tune How Customers Utilize Data


“As operators, we have designed the platform not to be cool but to be effective in extending the tools needed to effectively manage a carrier or provider’s operations from customer self-activation of SIM cards to billing usage to clients.”

Rickie Richey, Founder and Visionary of AMOP, has always looked for ways to have a positive impact on business productivity. Richey started multiple businesses that offered solutions to improve business productivity and streamline operations. AMOP began out of the need to improve telecom and mobility resellers’ ability to manage IoT SIMs on the AT&T Cisco Control Center. Starting with this IoT platform, AMOP focused on carrier rate optimization. The AMOP team quickly realized that AT&T Telegence and Verizon ThingSpace offered additional opportunities for SIM card management. Today, AMOP has grown to include usage billing integration for telecom billing platforms as well as revenue assurance features to ensure all SIMs are being billed to end-users. This is all thanks to Richey, who is always researching IoT and mobility business, thereby pushing AMOP to stay on the cutting edge of technology. It is pertinent to mention that Richey is well-positioned in the industry and connected with multiple carriers. He is sought after as a speaker at industry events and is well-positioned to help AMOP grow.

AMOP has gained momentum in the industry by developing dashboards, analytics, usage notification and optimization solutions that provide a single pane of glass to manage multiple carriers. The proprietary algorithm for the AT&T Cisco Control Center provides the lowest possible rate plans to automatically be assigned to a SIM-based on data usage, plan pooling, and overage calculations. Currently, usage and rate plans can be assigned by customer and pushed into the billing platform to automate end-customer billing.

In addition to managing SIM cards, AMOP streamlines business processes and positions businesses to scale faster using a powerful automation engine to control devices and manage data usage across all SIMs. One of the challenges using carrier-facing portals and tools is providing only the control and visibility that a carrier wants their resellers to see. AMOP provides a multi-tenant platform for different levels of access to provide SIM access and management to mobility resellers, their operations staff, and end customers. “Coming from a mobility and telecom reseller background, AMOP was able to design a platform and dashboards that do not just provide pretty pictures but are effective in extending the tools needed to efficiently manage an IoT, telecom or mobility reseller business from customer self-activation of SIM cards to billing usage to clients,” says Richey.

One of AMOP’s first clients was struggling to optimize their AT&T Cisco Control Center rate plans each month to provide the lowest cost per SIM card based on pooled usage across data plans and each device. “Using the APIs available in the Cisco platform, AMOP was able to connect and automatically optimize their SIM cards to the best rate plans at the end of the billing cycle. AMOP’s AT&T Cisco Control Center optimization eliminates the labor cost associated with manually adjusting rate plans. AMOP also eliminates billing mistakes and ensures all SIMs are being billed at the time of activation.” explains Richey. “Another client needed a tool for their 4,000 end clients to activate and deactivate SIM cards without engaging their support team. The AMOP platform provides multi-tenant access that includes end customers and provides them access to only the SIM cards that are assigned to them with the operational functionality that they need.” As an organization gets larger, there can be a tendency for the “institution” to dampen the “inspiration.” Not so with AMOP using EOS as their business operating system. EOS creates a creative-friendly environment that allows the leadership team to focus on working on the business instead of working in the business. This provides a structure to schedule even weekly clarity breaks for each leader to sit down with a pad of paper and think about how they can improve their area or another area of the business. For the days to come, Richey says, “We operate globally as a SaaS platform and are in the process of building out access to the Sprint/T-Mobile IoT platform and hope to release that by September.”